I’m a dedicated vagabond. Nothing else inspires me more as wandering around the globe, either solo or accompanied by a bunch of kids, my partner, my friends. Since I quit all ties with the corporate world, travel is no longer a vacation for me but rather a lifestyle. It’s a generous source of ideas, energy and a powerful self-learning tool. Occasionally, I share my experience here or on my Instagram page. I do not do it regularly; sometimes I travel more than I can write about it:) That’s not my job, I don’t get any commission, all reviews are real life. The best praise for me is if you find my posts helpful.

There is one more important thing. It accompanies me in my travel and still life since childhood. Photography is something I take too seriously to call it either a job or a hobby. I’ve been engaged and learning the whole my life. I gladly take creative assignments related to travel, street or portraiture. I’ll help visualize the story you keep in mind. Or create one from scratch.